White Faced Sakis enjoy their new trees

Posted on Jul 27, 2013 in Animals, Recent Projects

We were very happy to see the white faced sakis, golden lion tamarins and pygmy marmosets using the trees we had made a few months previously. It was also good to hear that the enclosure is working as it should and now needs less keeper maintenance.

I managed to take these pictures on a sunny Sunday afternoon when we were taking a break from building the sloth tree. The weather had been so nice in Finland during this visit that the animals were spending a lot of the time enjoying the outdoor part of their enclosure. I got lucky with these ones.

I wrote about the building of these trees in a previous post.

Helsinki zoo made a small video of the animals during their first explorations (scroll to bottom of page to see this)


male white faced saki

Male white faced saki

Female white faced saki


Golden lion tamarin

Golden lion tamarin moving up in the world