Kea habitat designs #1

Posted on Sep 25, 2014 in Animals, Concept Models, Habitat Design
Kea habitat designs #1


I am working on the habitat design for a new kea Nestor notabilis exhibit. Here is the first draft model of one of the areas.

In the model, the zoo keeper is about to hide some food treats into that tree. The tree is a replica of a wind blown specimen which you might find high up in New Zealand’s South Island Alps. It will be made from steel and shotcrete and have epoxy lined holes into which the treats can be inserted. I have just realised the zoo keeper may have a few problems getting up there so we may have to add some steps into that fake rock or put a stainless steel ladder there.

Also in this habitat, there is a stream, waterfall and pool so the keas can bathe, cool off and wash their food in. The water will be on a closed system kept clean by mechanical, bio and U.V. filtration.

Find out more about keas here via the Kea Conservation Trust of New Zealand
Model of zoo habitat for keaModel of zoo habitat for keaModel of zoo habitatModel of zoo habitatModel of zoo habitat