Humboldt Penguin Habitat Scheveningen Sealife Centre

Posted on May 25, 2015 in Animals, Artificial Rock, Habitat Design, Recent Projects
Humboldt Penguin Habitat Scheveningen Sealife Centre


Koda Creative were asked to build the artificial rock for this Humboldt Penguin habitat at Scheveningen Sealife Centre, Holland. We made 165 m2 of rock inspired by the Chilean/Peruvian coastline from where this species originates.

Architect on this project was MDM Advies
Designer of decoration/theming and project manager was Ton Van Helden

Penguins look at their new habitat.

The penguins cast their eyes over their new habitat.

Nest boxes disguised as caves in the rock.

Nesting burrows built into artificial rock.

Penguin's eye view of habitat.

Birds eye view of the Chilean coastline inspired habitat.

Birds eye view.

Planting list included this rosmarinus.

Penguin come on to dry land.

Back to dry land.

Three penguins.

Shake off!

Group of penguins in artificial habitat.



A popular spot. Mixture of sand and rock.


Some interesting vantage points for the public. Come face to face with the penguins!

Penguins and artificial rock.


A penguin comes on to dry land.

Slope and steps carved into the artificial rock at strategic points.

Penguins in artificial habitat.


Group of penguins next to their pool.

Penguins at edge of pool.

View of penguin habitat

Opening day. Photo by Sven Molkenboer