Amazon aviary

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Recent Projects

We built this parrot aviary in the beautiful Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park, Gibraltar. The central aviary supports (7M high) are solid concrete/shotcrete and are replicas of the buttress trees (Ceiba Pentandra) native to South America. The rockwork is inspired by the geology found around the upper reaches of the River Amazon. Within the rock, there are nesting boxes developed in co-operation with the animal park keepers. For the external structure of the aviary, we used stainless steel zoo mesh supported by bespoke stainless steel struts and local pine poles treated with a non toxic and environmentally friendly wood preservative. A small waterfall and stream runs through the exhibit which is kept clean by bio filters and UV sterilisation.

Materials used:
Steel, concrete, shotcrete, stainless steel and sustainably grown pine.


realistic looking concrete tree with bracket fungus

Amazon aviaryAmazon aviary